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We are building the Edsbyn Arena, which among other things will be Sweden's first indoor arena for bandy. The response for our project is tremendously positive, from all over the world! Edsbyn Arena AB org. no. 556617-7530, was established in November 2001, and consists of a board of directors with members from business and non-profit associations. About 2 500 shareholders are registered in Edsbyn Arena AB, and they are coming from more than 170 places in Sweden, but also from other countries. 3 million Swedish crowns have been invested by the shareholders, but the selling of shares and sponsoring are going on continually. To become a partner in Edsbyn Arena, click on the following link: SHARES



September 22, 2003, King Carl XVI Gustaf dedicated the Edsbyn Arena, and with that the first indoor arena for bandy in Sweden was ready for action.


We thank you for showing interest, and invite you to come to Edsbyn, and also to come back to this website. For more information on this and other questions, please contact us by telephone:

+46 27120820 or e-mail:





Facts about the building


External dimensions:  120x72 meters

Ice area:                   108x64 meters

Seats:                       5000

Ceiling height:           12 meters free internally, 23 meters to ridgepole

Building material:

House walls:             Wood

Roof:                        Sheet metall

House frame:            Glued laminated wood

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Edsbyn Arena AB
Ovanåkersvägen 31
828 34 Edsbyn

Tel: 0271-236 25
Fax: 0271-228 10
Bankgironr: 5320-4145